Game, difficult. Me, rage

The difficulty of a game isn't only dictated by the game itself, but by who plays it.

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The Dream Finale ft. Giradam


Here for the season finale, Twilight Princess WR holder and smartman, Giradam joins the show. We speculate on how/when Twilight Princess speedrunning will get its "breakthrough," as well as the revival of the SMS hate cycle.

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Will You Run All-Stars? ft. Kwan & Paper


Now that Mario 3D All-stars is out we've compiled a round table of 4 world record holding Sunshine runners.

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Mario, What's Your Point? ft. Kwaniza


Speedrunner and (former) Poké Fan, Kwaniza drops by the show. He has news from the underground of the new 3D All Stars and 3D World releases and we give our new, fresh takes.

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SMS Runners on Mario's 35th


With the news of Mario's 35th anniversary Direct, we get "World Record hug" Kaffelon to return to the show to give his take. A roundtable of former Sunshine World Record speedrunners here to judge the direct as a whole.

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Branching Off of Fall Guys


Sid buys Fall Guys, Trey streams Outer Wilds and the 2 of them pretend to be friends once again this week. We cover the recent Gamescom Opening Night Live and all the game announcements and trailers therein.

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Baby Steps to World Champ ft. GoombaNL


Double Dash world champ and competitive twin, GoombaNL joins the show. Goomba talks about his gaming resumé and how being a twin spurred on his competitive edge.

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For the Uninitiated


Trey helps Sid round out his opinion on Fall Guys and they both work together to fix the new TWITCH HIT Among Us. Also, now that Shroud's back to streaming they have the follow up to "WHO RETURNED TO STREAMING BETTER!?"

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The T-Shot Triple ft. ThunderShot


Variety streamer and FORMER DBZ Youtuber, Thundershot joins the show. TShot regales us with tales of gaming with Sonic, Pokémon rants and how he and Sid met all those years ago.

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"Scaredy-Cat" Armada


Speculation online about gaming and those involved: Is it a good thing? A bad thing? Something we're going to have to deal with anyway? Listen in on these verbal online speculations about gaming and those involved!

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Trey's Right-Hand Man ft. adef


Mega Man pro and Trey's SMS 2p1c partner, Adef joins the show. Since the Games Done Quick online's games list was released we make a game of going through it as Adef chooses his most anticipated for each day.

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